Pre test poll idea

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Pre test poll idea

Post by k7mkanv7cc »

There has been a discussion going on about how do we retain those that we test during the VE test session, and "What's wrong with Ham Radio?"
Would a pre-test questionnaire be helpful?

Here is some ideas I have come up with and stole from other sources.
Thoughts? Other questions for the questionnaire?
This would be easy to format into a checkbox format and present for answers while the test is being setup.

Here is some examples!

Are you currently a licensed Ham and here to upgrade?

If (Yes), which class do you currently have?

How many weeks have you been studying for your license test?

What are some ways you have prepared for your test?
Check all that apply
Hands on
Mobile applications
Formal classroom
Rlashcards / Memory Aids
Printed Material or text books
Online Practice tests

Will you be testing for multiple levels of licensing when you sit?

Which common areas of the test are the most worrisome to you?
Check the top 3
Electrical components, circuits and diagrams
Radio wave characteristics, properties and propogation
Electrical principles, mathmatics, and natural laws
Rules and opearator and station responsibilities
Operating procedures
modulation modes, satellite operations and activities
Amateur radio practices
Antennas and feedlines
Station equipment, common problems and troubleshooting
Electrical Safety

Were you encouraged to participate in the hobby from a friend, relative, elmer, or mentor?

How did you get interested in Amateur radio?
Check all that apply
My father was into CB radio
Played with CB's as a kid
From Off the Grid (prepper) information
CERT Disaster Work
Interested in Electronics

What are you interests regarding use of the hobby once licensed?
Check all that apply
Emergency Communication
Public Service
Antenna design & construction
Digital Modes
Net Participation
Homebrew / Kit building
Mobile operations
Local rag chewing
Skywarn / weather spotting
HF rag chewing
QRP operations
Traffic handling
AM-SAT operations
Fox hunting
Collecting QSL cards
Special Event stations
Earth moon earth
Off road / 4x4 comms
Drone operations

Are other family members or friends Hams?

Is your spouse willing to get licensed or support your hobby?
Willing to get licensed
Support the Hobby
Not interested
Not Applicable

Are you interested in joining a radio club and participating?
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Re: Pre test poll idea

Post by K7ET »

wow, pretty comprehensive, Mike.
I think it is good as written.
Waiting for others to chime in.

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Re: Pre test poll idea

Post by KG7ODP »

Mike; I appreciate your time and effort to serve in and for the club.

As far as the VE team doing more than we already do:
First when the Meeting is over for everyone else we have from 1 1/2 to 3 hours to go. With a bundle of paper work that has to be to a high standard. I for one am not willing to add to that.
Second, out examinees are many times very keyed up and don't need any additional questions or tasks.

I like the idea of doing everything any of us can to welcome new people into the hobby and into the club. My way is to be at meetings early and personally speak to everyone. If I know their name, I call them by name, If I don't know their name or I've forgotten their name I give them my name and ask for theirs (again). For newer people I try to draw out what kind of challenges they are having with the club, net, or other radio of life situation. If I can, I help them.

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Re: Pre test poll idea

Post by k7mkanv7cc »

And my thought was to have a non-VE perform the poll prior to the test, but it's all okay. Thanks for responding.
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