FCC Docket 20-270 Ray Baum's Act Opposition

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FCC Docket 20-270 Ray Baum's Act Opposition

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Time is running out for the comment period for Docket 20-270 proposing to restructure the fee schedule of "Personal License Services" (Amateurs and others) which would assess a $50.00 fee for New, Major Modification, Amateur Vanity Callsigns, and Minor Modification applications.

If you want to comment, you need to go here immediately. https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings. (Right Click and Open in a New Tab)

I have provided a form letter that can be downloaded (DOC file). You need to modify your name and callsign at the top and bottom of the letter, save it, then attach it near the bottom, then submit it after you have filled in the required information.

Download File Here: If you can't download this or do not have a word editor, e-mail me immediately and I will insert your name and callsign and send the file to you. All you have to do then is just attach it.

The required information is as follows:

Proceeding: 20-270 (Required) When you type it will match the document you are commenting on. When it does, select it.
Name(s) of Filer(s) Your Name (Required)
Law Firm(s) Leave Blank
Attorney/Author Name(s) Leave Blank
Primary Contact Your Email address (Required)
Type of Filing SELECT COMMENT (Required)
File Number Leave Blank
Report Number Leave Blank
Bureau ID Number Leave Blank
Address of Select FILER (Required)
Address Your address (Required)
Email Confirmation Check Box Checked =Yes or No Check = No

If you oppose this action, it is very important that you comment. Your name needs to be on the register as opposed to this restructure.

email me at k7mka@nv7cc.org if you need help.
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